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Concrete Septic Tanks & Collection Wells

There are three main Septic Systems used in the Shoalhaven area:

1. A.W.T.S or Supertreat System

2. Pump Out System
The pump out system is a two tank system where the household grey and blackwater flows into a septic tank. It is naturally churned over using a bafflewall and the liquids then overflow into the pump out tank. This tank will require a pump out from time to time, usually around 8 weeks for a fully occupied home.

3. Site Disposal System
The site disposal system is a one tank system attached to absorption trenches. The grey and black water runs into the septic tank through the bafflewall and the overflow liquid then goes into an absorption trench where it is dissolved into the ground.

Bennett’s Concrete not only install septic tanks and systems but also can upgrade your existing absorption trenches to satisfy Council’s regulations. We are also able to supply and install new concrete septic tank lids in a range of sizes to replace those old, broken and dangerous lids.

Septic Tanks

  • 2050 litre
  • 2550 litre (septic baffle)
  • 3400 litre (septic baffle)

Collection Wells

  • 2050 litre
  • 2800 litre
  • 3550 litre
  • 4450 litre
  • 10,000 litre

We also supply & install Poly Septic Tanks

Supertreat AWTS

The most successful system of it’s kind in Australia and New Zealand

Super-Treat is a wastewater treatment system which employs the principle of “aeration” for the reduction of septic tank effluent to an environmentally acceptable quality. Super-Treat “domestic” systems are package plants which typically treat households of up to 10 persons living in permanent residence. Super-Treat “commercial” systems are purpose designed for each particular application, of any size up to 10 persons.

Where can Super-Treat be used?

In unsewered locations, the Super-Treat is a “go anywhere” system which can be installed:

  • on a new house
  • to an existing house with a single septic tank
  • to an existing house on a pump out system
  • to a riverside shack
  • on any commercial establishment

 Super-Treat System Advantages

  1. Safely recycles all wastewater into odour-free clean water
  2. Reliable noiseless operation
  3. Uses Super-Treat‘s own patented “Venturi Aeration”. (domestic systems only) – more economical as no costly air blower (compressor) is required  – 2-5 times more effective aeration compared to conventional air blower (running 24/7) – quieter as no noisy air blower

Click Here to visit the Super-Treat website for more information.


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