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Concrete Cattle / Stock Troughs

Bennetts Concrete Products have supplied the local dairy community with cattle troughs for the past 35 years.

Our product has expanded to cater for the beef industry throughout NSW.

All of our cattle troughs are constructed from fully reinforced concrete with a standard 2″ bung.

Float and valve sizes are made to order in 1″ or 1.5″.

670 800 307
670 1300 810
670 1590 1211
670 1850 1640
670 2430 900

Concrete Water Tanks

We manufacture, supply and install a range of concrete water storage tanks in the following sizes:

Litres Gallons Diameter Height
3,500 760 2.00 metres  2.05 metres
 5,000 1100 2.00 metres 2.23 metres
 10,000  2200  2.55 metres  2.55 metres
 60,000 13,200*  6.20 metres  2.50 metres
 100,000  20,000*  8.00 metres  2.23 metres
 136,000  30,000*  9.00 metres  2.50 metres

* – tanks poured on site
10,000 litre tanks can be used in a modular format to give greater capacity IE: 20,000 – 30,000 or 40,000 litres. Contact us for more details.

Prices will depend on the following:

  • Type of job; Domestic or Commercial

  • Site access and address

  • Required lid strength

  • Location of the nearest concrete batch plant


Concrete Septic Tanks & Collection Wells

There are three main Septic Systems used in the Shoalhaven area:

1. A.W.T.S or Supertreat System

2. Pump Out System
The pump out system is a two tank system where the household grey and blackwater flows into a septic tank. It is naturally churned over using a bafflewall and the liquids then overflow into the pump out tank. This tank will require a pump out from time to time, usually around 8 weeks for a fully occupied home.

3. Site Disposal System
The site disposal system is a one tank system attached to absorption trenches. The grey and black water runs into the septic tank through the bafflewall and the overflow liquid then goes into an absorption trench where it is dissolved into the ground.

Bennett’s Concrete not only install septic tanks and systems but also can upgrade your existing absorption trenches to satisfy Council’s regulations. We are also able to supply and install new concrete septic tank lids in a range of sizes to replace those old, broken and dangerous lids.

Septic Tanks

  • 2050 litre
  • 2550 litre (septic baffle)
  • 3400 litre (septic baffle)

Collection Wells

  • 2050 litre
  • 2800 litre
  • 3550 litre
  • 4450 litre
  • 10,000 litre

Quickstone Retaining Walls

Quickstone Retaining Walls are an innovative precast concrete retaining wall solution, with the natural appearance of sandstone, stackstone and timber finishes. Quickstone retaining walls are easy to build, available in interlocking concrete blocks in a range of sizes and configurations.

The Quickstone precast concrete range includes large interlocking concrete blocks, small interlocking landscaping blocks and concrete sleeper retaining walls. Quickstone retaining walls are ideal for commercial, residential, streetscape, decorative, terraced, steep slope, roadside, car park, waterfront and park landscaping retaining wall applications or any site where earth needs to be retained. Quickstone retaining walls save time and money and are simple to install by earth movers, builders and landscapers in almost any commercial or residential landscaping project.

Our mini-block and sleeper ranges are the perfect garden edging and retaining wall solution for the home handyman and gardener. Ideal for vegetable gardens, garden edges and feature gardens! Quickstone is a Division of Bennett’s Concrete Products Pty Ltd. Please call or email for a quote and further information.

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We also supplied the following cement products

  • Septic Tank Lids

  • Slabs

  • Car Stops

  • Pier Caps

  • Coffin Drains

  • Crystal Fix

  • Lifters