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Concrete Solutions

Innovative precast concrete retaining wall solution, with the natural appearance of sandstone, stackstone and timber finishes. Quickstone retaining walls are easy to build...

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Solar It’s not just Solar

We always start with a free on-site solar assessment, rigorously test our systems for the harshest Australian conditions, and guarantee the performance...

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Sewage Wastewater Solutions

Super-Treat is a wastewater treatment system which employs the principle of “aeration” for the reduction of septic tank effluent to an environmentally acceptable quality...

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Water Bushmans

In the world’s driest continent, every drop of water is precious. You can do your bit to save Australia’s water by installing a poly water tank...

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Heating Firefox Heating

Firefox is an Australian manufacturer of indoor or outdoor fireplaces, using wood or gas, from traditional through to ultra modern styles...

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About Us Knowledge & Experience

Bennetts Concrete Products Pty Ltd are a family owned and operated business manufacturing, installing and servicing septic systems throughout the Shoalhaven region...

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Bennetts Concrete Products 50 Years of Excellence

We offer several installation packages, depending on the area concerned and include excavation as well as after sales servicing.